For over 27 years Hand Up Ministries has been giving hope and second chances to hundreds of men and women coming straight out of prison every year who would otherwise be homeless and at risk of reoffending. We provide temporary housing, transitional programs and a pathway to productive citizenship as they re-enter society.  In other words, we provide a ‘hand up not a hand out’ so our clients become contributing members of society and not a burden. 

Why should we care about the formerly incarcerated?

Oklahoma has the 4th highest incarceration rate.  According to federal data, Oklahoma has a recidivism rate of about 21.2%, meaning its criminal justice system is not working for about one in five prisoners who go through it.

 The financial burden and cost to society is enormous. Without assistance with reintegrating the sad reality is many ex-offenders are at risk of homelessness or incarceration. Hand Up has a proven structured system of supportive aftercare with the large majority of clients successfully rebuilding their lives. 

Our Locations

Hand Up Campus 1
Hand Up Campus 2
Office and Chapel
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Hand Up has helped me very much. They take me to my appointments and to Walmart. I want to thank Hand Up for allowing me to come here. God has done all of this for me. I thank God and Hand Up.

— Ray R.