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The program at Hand Up Ministries offers addiction recovery and support with weekly group meetings and individual counseling. Residents attend classes twice each week to strengthen character development, life skills and positive at- titude direction. Residents are encouraged to attend the church of their choice weekly. The ideal is that felons will establish community roots, obtain and maintain employment and comply with the requirements set forth, so as not to return to a life of criminal activity.


Hand Up Ministries assists initially in several areas. These are the necessities required for an ex -offender to reintegrate back into society:
• Provide immediate housing, food and clothing.
• Provide transportation.
• Obtain State Identification and Social Security cards.
• Assist in securing employment.
• Provide a safe, clean and sober living structure.
• Provide daily coaching and mentoring.
• Provide spiritual encouragement and motivation.
• Collaborate with government agencies, (police, probation/parole, courts) to help ensure compliance to requirements and restrictions.

As our residents continue in our program we introduce higher level life skills to help ensure their success. We teach financial management and require our residents to live on a budget and save money in their trust account. We coach them on the importance in staying current in pro- gram fees, court fines and costs, child support, counseling and probation fees.
We assist developing abilities in basic skills such as housekeeping, laundry, personal hygiene and grocery shopping. Everyone is expected to keep our park clean and are required to serve eight hours a month in community service at Hand Up Ministries. Even those residents that may be disabled , mentally or physically, are required to work as they can. Work is important for everyone. It instills self-esteem provides a sense of ownership and pride in who they are and where they live.

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